Toms Reise ins Glück book cover

Toms Reise ins Glück

Art direction

fineBooks: cover design and typesetting for the novel by Kristian Röttger Tom’s Reise ins Glück.
A wild road trip, a search for freedom that leads right into the heart of our society.

„Anyone who liked Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas will love this book.“
Stefan Staudinger (Schauspiel Frankfurt. Volksbühne)

Tom could have been a rocket scientist or a Nobel Prize winner. Because Tom is a highly gifted child
with photographic memory. Unfortunately, he was born in 1960, when the word giftedness was still a
variation on that meant the standard. So Tom sets out to find a way of life for himself without standards.

The dream of getting out, of living in a drug frenzy without bourgeois constraints ends for the time being
in the psychiatric Institution in Tetuan, Morocco. But that doesn’t stop Tom from completing his journey to happiness.

Toms Reise ins Glück describes a radical disconnect from society
without becoming radical towards society.



Typesetting, design & printing support







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