Das Angeln von Piranhas

Art direction

Cover design for the publisher fineBooks.

Das Angeln von Piranhas was voted onto the blogbuster longlist of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2018.

Blind desire for Yara, with whom he spent a single night, tears Luca out of his life. In his desperation,
he numbs himself with alcohol and sex in search of her and threatens to lose himself in intoxication.
When, at the end of the world, the Amazon washes him into his personal paradise, he believes he is saved.
But when he is threatened by the shadows of his past, he is confronted with the question what he is willing
to sacrifice for peace in his life…

„In Das Angeln von Piranhas, opposites collide. Dramatic and unexpected, but perfectly fitting.“
Uwe Kalkowski, jury member of the German Book Prize 2018



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Piranhas book cover






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